Safety Policy

A downloadable printable version of our Safety Policy is available on our Forms & Applications page.

“Protection of employees, the public, and company operations are paramount.” Safety will take precedence over expediency or shortcuts. Tryon Trucking intends to comply with all federal and state laws and ordinances and requires all drivers to follow its lead.”

These are phrases you will hear continually while you are leased with Tryon Trucking, Inc. As a leased driver to Tryon, you are expected to conduct yourself with the utmost degree of professionalism and courtesy to the public, shipper and consignee representatives, and those who share the highways each and every day.

During leasing, you will be required to complete all D.O.T. required regulations. You will be called upon to produce licenses and vehicle registrations, and to submit to physicals and drug testing procedures. You will also be issued a Driver Manual which must be reviewed at time of leasing. This manual contains all current Tryon polices, required procedures, and all current D.O.T. rules and regulations.
It is the goal of Tryon Trucking to make every attempt possible to reduce the occurrence of accidents. This goal is fully supported, from owner, to top management, down through all levels of employees. We expect our drivers to believe in the importance of this goal, as well.

To show our support for safety, we have a Safety Award Program which, if earned by the driver, will bring the following awards:
1. Recognition among their peers of outstanding safety prevention.
2. Awarded apparel, and also gift certificates.

As in all programs, Tryon believes disciplinary action must also be present and is considered an essential part of any good safety program. Tryon’s disciplinary actions are outlined in our driver reference rules & regulations packet.

In summary, Tryon firmly believes that maintaining a good, safe operation, and utilizing safety – first minded drivers will be the cornerstone of a financially secure, successful company.

Barry Meklir President/Owner